Cuiaba: Make Sure To Visit This Place At Least Once

One of the rapidly progressing cities in Brazil, Cuiaba is yet another holiday destination for cultural tourism and a fun vacation. I came across people from Africa, Europe, and Native America which explains the cultural, architectural and cuisine diversity in Cuiaba. I was told that it is a significant urban center as well as an agricultural hub. It delighted me with its natural attractions, especially the sunset at one of the parks in the town. With its riverside experience, beautiful scenery, food courts, and playgrounds for children, it is a welcoming place for all kinds of tourists.

A must visit for whoever coming here as a tourist interested in Cuiaba’s tradition would be the Museum of Art that is so prominent there. Its staff surprised me with their knowledge of its ancient culture and the works by the local artists.  

Brazil is known for producing some of the best football players in the world right now, have a new stadium called the Arena Pantanal where you can experience what playing a match feels like in Brazil. I paid a visit to some of its Catholic churches as well and Our Lady of Rosario and Sao Benedito Church. The former was a massive and impressive place of worship equipped with a bookstore on Christianity as well, and the latter is where the festivals of St. John and St. Benedict are celebrated every June.

My best experience in Cuiaba was the hiking trails and walking paths in the park. Cuiaba has a soothing weather, and spending time outdoors is a pleasant exposure to fresh trees and water fountains. The Mae Bonifacia is not any less enticing than any of these parks and is definitely worth a visit if you would like to meet some indigenous animals. As such, Cuiaba is a vibrant holiday spot which offers a range of experiences that I suggest you do not miss.