Rossland: Exploring The Winter-Land

Wondering where to go for a winter break? Visit the winter wonderland, Rossland. The stunning Mountain View appeased my soul. In fact, it left me yearning more. This is the place to be to have a perfect holiday. You will find a little bit of everything in here and the best part is all of them are pretty darn good. Check out the best things to do in Rossland.

  • Indulge in Pow Turns

There are incredible opportunities to enjoy the amazing terrain and the interior snow. If you do not like much crowd, you can check out the Big Red Cat Skiing. Skiing in the snow proved to be so much that I didn’t even feel like returning to the resort.

  • Have toasted cheese sandwich

Rent a bike and reach one of the warming huts of backcountry and have a great experience. Here, you can have delicious toasted cheese sandwiches. In case you like snowshoeing, you can take a qualified guide for an ideal day trip. Near these areas, you can also class skating skiing and cross country skiing.

  • Visit downtown

I took a free bus ride to the downtown area. There is something for everyone in the main street. Have food in the restaurants and coffee shops that serve the most delectable food. Each one of them serves some unique items that you are not going to find anywhere. There are art shops and many stores where you will be able to get your souvenir.

  • Drop in at a museum

Rossland has to offer some great history. Being one of the oldest Canadian city, there are some great museums that you can visit. Here, I got to learn about the history of the city and several other interesting facts that I would not have otherwise believed.